Hello, welcome to my blog!

I’m Kendall & and I am a current Baylor Graduate student in American Studies. On this blog I share my thoughts, ideas, & experiences with you.


Humanity toils in the Shadowlands, blind to the world just beyond their grasp. Colors are muted, landscapes are shrunk, brokenness reigns. Yet the eternal shines through. Glimpses of rapture give hope, beauty inspires praise, & mercy spawns humility. This blog seeks to break through the blindness of sin, and connect the spiritual with the physical as it was in Eden before the fall. We have been sentenced to our physical realm for just a short time, we must use it well. Spread the light, seek the truth, show love to all. My purpose in this blog is to:

  1. To hone my writing craft, the gift that God has given me to show his glory
  2. To explore truth and ideas
  3. Know God more fully
  4. Bless and connect with others who read my posts

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