A search for the Sublime


Sublime – of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.

All my life I’ve been searching for the Sublime, the mystery behind the mundane. I know there’s more out there in the universe than the surface level physical world that assaults our eyes. I know this because science, history, English, Philosophy, religion, etc. has explored them. I have experienced the sublime firsthand in sunrises and sunsets, in everyday miracles and grace given undeserved. I have experienced the sublime by way of the feeling of peace in the presence of great evil and danger.

But I want more. I want to peel back the layers of common everyday thoughts and actions to explore purpose, meaning, spiritual, and imaginative realms.
I have come far in my journey. Heck, I’ve read over 600 books in my lifetime, the majority of them being fiction. My desire for knowledge, wisdom, and truth has no bounds. There is a thirst within me that has not been quenched. I know that this world does not contain the living water that satisfies because the earth is not my home. To be more accurate, I am not even searching for a what, but a WHO.
My dilemma is that at times I’ve given up on this world, felt disconnected from life, and have suffered the consequences in my soul. I’ve felt lonely and empty, disenchanted and confused, wayward and apathetic…the list could go on. My problem is that I’ve become lost in the sin of this world and forgotten my purpose for this life.
I’ve separated the spiritual from the physical. Yes my thirst will not be fully quenched on earth, but I can find peace and contentment. How do I do this?
1. By loving God and loving others more than myself
2. By discovering my God given talents and investing in them to produce more fruit
3. By connecting with this world in order to bring God’s kingdom here and now on earth
The spiritual, mental, and physical is all woven together; truth, meaning, and contentment is not in one but in all. The key is balance in all of them.



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