2/7 Musings

Last few days – getting in and out of a rut

Today was a weird day. Friday my Dad and I stayed up till 2 AM because we watched the movie the Revenant until 1:15. This caused us to sleep in late Saturday. I didn’t end up taking my Adderall until 2PM yesterday. I suspect that is the reason for why I couldn’t sleep until 5AM. This caused me to oversleep and miss church. Then I was very sluggish all day and didn’t get much homework done. I’ve been a little sad after my Dad left because it reminded me of the community I had back home that I do not have here in Waco. Because I didn’t get homework done early I did not go to any Superbowl parties so that I could stay home and do homework. But because I was sad and still feeling sluggish I procrastinated and didn’t get much homework done.

Basically the point of all this is 1. Its important to do the right things to live a productive and full life. One mistake can compound into another 2. I need to focus and get myself out of the rut instead of dig deeper which I have a tendency to do. I think one of the main reasons I do this is because it is easy to get caught up in the moment, or stuck in a mind frame when you are ADHD. And it is easier for everyone to do what is easy, what is shallow, what is negative, then the opposite. So basically I have to work extra hard to be present and intentional in life. That is something I’ve been learning (essential to survival) in grad school being on my own.

Now to get out of this rut I need to do some productive things. The first is writing this post. The second will be looking at my planner and writing down tomorrow’s schedule. Those two things will help me to de-stress my mind so I do not overthink and dwell in the negative. This will prepare me to be able to sleep and handle tomorrow well so that I can make up for my lack of production this weekend. Anyways enough on that.

writing plans:

I’m going to be doing a lot of writing in the future. 1. I have two research papers in school. The first one is my independent on 1984 by George Orwell and its use in America today. My second one is going to have something to do with Christians in China during the 20th Century and how they lived out their faith under Communism. 2. I’m going to continue writing these daily posts that no one reads or cares about. Its good for me. It helps me process my thoughts, encourages me to live well, and helps me plan for the future. 3. I think I’m going to examine my writing once a week and write more reader friendly post on one specific topic. Hopefully other people will read those. I have many ideas already stored.

I guess that’s enough writing for tonight. See you guys tomorrow!




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